Saturday, November 7, 2009


Went Sunway lagoon this Thursday with wendy, MT, Jace and Junny.
Have a lot of fun there by getting wet and cold, nice feeling to walking ard with dripping clothes~ XD

Btw, we played all the attraction in the park, except Wendy because of "Height-phobia"...
360 degree turn of pirate ship, several G of the coaster's thrill...
Its been a long time didn't felt the adrenalin gush in my veins.

Btw, something funny happened when we decided to burry Junny alive at the surf beach.
Because she is so "he", we made a sculpture of a sexy woman for her, typically with thin waist and big breast.

Then a foreign tourist that was interested at our job came by to have a closer look. She smiled so happily at our art piece and quickly grab her DC to have some picture, with Junny alone and with Junny. Her friend later found out what happened and come to join for picture.

Before they leave, she grabbed a handful of sand and make Junny "sand-breast" bigger. We all laughed non-stop, leaving Junny alone, kinda of embarrassed. And finally we feel happy with our art piece, Junny get herself out of the sand and turn alive.
Just like one of the Thriller MV scene. XD

And today, its my graduation day.
Vince, Kuan, SanTing cried.
Others are quite high, running here and there to look for some final hug from teachers and friends.
I let my friend to sign on my white shirt, and we took a lot of picture, i like the one i carry Vince in my arm~ XD
(Hope that i didn't scared her too much~)

And now, i'm kinda free..
Nth to do for at least two following months.
So, do you want to have a date with me?
(You know who this "YOU" that i meant)
Anywhere, anytime, anything...
Movie, BBQ, Karaoke, Dinner, YUMCHA even charity works~
Hope to hear you soon~


MindTeaser said...

never go there again

FeElInG said...

happy oh...
scary me u know..
suddenly leave de surface...

JunJun said...