Tuesday, August 4, 2009


1. What have you been doing recently?
Exam-ing (by avg, 3 times a week)

2. Do you ever turn your hand phone off?
Nope(not even a chance that my phone's battery dries off~)

3. What happened at 10am today?
Crunching through Malay word in dad's video for goverment

4. When did you last cry?
LONG time ago

5. Believe in Fate/ Destiny?
I believe that fate is IN our own hand that build what we so CALLED destiny TO BE fulfill.

6. What do you want in life now?
More excitement (kinda like the feel of adrenalin rush)

7. Do you carry an umbrella when it rains or put up your hood?
I'll let the rain to wet my hair.

8. What's your favorite thing to do in bed?
Staring nowhere thinking of nothing

9. What bottoms are you wearing now?
Black pant

10. What are the nicest thing in your inbox?
Sweet memories with my darling

11. Do you tend to make relationships complicated?
I'm kinda complicated but I'm surly prefer a more simple girl.

12. Are you wearing anything borrowed from anyone?
Now? Nope.
Occasionally, yes.

13. What was the last movie you caught?
Transformer 2: Revenge of the Fallen

14. What are you proud of?
My capability to cope most difficult circumstances.

15. What does the oldest text message in your inbox say and who is it from?
2009 CNY greetings from a friend

16. What was the last song you sang out loud?
Let it GO -- Cavo
Original Soundtrack of Transformer 2: Revenge of the Fallen

17. Do you have any nicknames?
Ah Jun, Jun, JunJun

18. What does the newest text message say and who is it from?
She says NO!

19. What time did you sleep last night?
Around 12.30 in the midnight

20. Are you currently happy?
Not really

21. Who give you the best advise?
My parents

22. Do you eat whipped cream straight from the can?
Definitely NO

23. Who did you talk on the phone last night?

24. Is something bugging you right now?
YES and there is a lot.

25. Who is the last person to make you laugh?
My darling

26. Do you like yourself?
Of course.

27. You want $5 or $10?
Where the money from?

28. Do you think you are stupid sometimes?
I always do the most suitable choice for me considerate not my clever nor stupid

29. Who is your best best best best best friend?
Locavon Wendy

30. What will you do if you like that girl?
I wont waste another second to sit and do nothing

31. Who are your favorite stars?
Jay or Soda Green (HARD to find out whom i like the most)

32. You hate your mother sometimes in some ways?
The answer is YES especially when she was unreasonable.

33. Do you had even stead before?
Yes, as alternatives although I hate it.

34. What type of girl do you like?
Nice, cute and charming.

35. Now are you single/attached?

Pass this tag to 10 people:
[ 1] Darling
[ 2] Nicole
[ 3] MT
[ 4] Amanda Lee
[ 5] Khaiz
[ 6] Rui
[ 7] Purple Yin
[ 8] Ray
[ 9] Chiwn
[10] Jackson

1. Would you date number 5?
Hang out with this guy is a GOOD idea.

2. Number 2 just got a car crash and how do you react?
I will rush to her IMMEDIATELY.

3. You see no.9 with your boy/girlfriend. What do you do?
Again. XD

4. You come home and your room has been ransacked by number 4.
Its okay. I'll have the chance TO GO her house XD

5. Number 1 is acting weird.
Something MUST disturbing her

6. Number 3 and 8 decide to give 10 a haircut.
Jackson's new hairstyle MUST be the most FASHION style i ever saw.

7. Number 7 just got a ticket for him/her and you to go to a concert.
I'll enjoy myself.

8. Number 10 takes you to a bar.
GAY BAR? NO, thanks MAN~ XD

9. No. 4 has to move to the other side of the world.
Go on for your dreams~

10. You and number 8 are being chased by the cops for an unknown reason.
Probably she is too excited when she saw her idol and DEFINITELY did something weird.

11. Number 7 and you sitting on the couch watching a movie when her/him wrap his/her arm around you.
Little girl get SCARED by the scene.

12. Number 5 ask you out for dinner.
He is boring for sure.

13. Number 9 and you are sitting on the bus.
And for sure I'll complaint a lot that she KIDNAPPED my darling.

14. Number 6 calls you in the middle of night because she/he can't sleep.
Ask her what can I do to make her comfortable.

15. You're walking with someone and number 6 runs up and tackles you to the ground from behind.
Seem just like WHAT she will do. XD

16. Number 1 is crying one day and you ask him/her why and it seems their boy/girlfriend has dumped them.
The probability of this event is even lower than WIN 10 jackpot in a row straight.

17. Number 2 offers to bake you a meal. As you sit in the other room, the kitchen suddenly aflame.
She forget to turn off the gas again. XD

18. Number 4 comes to your door one day holding a koala.
Probably another gift from her boyfriend

19. Number 4 just got u an x-box.
You are in my mind man!

20. Number 1 thinks he/she's overweight.
She always thinks like that.

21. Number 7 looks lonely.
She really needs a boyfriend that can take care of her.

22.Number 2 asks you rudely to go leave him/her alone.
Okay but I'll be there always for you.

23. Number 5 and 3 decide to throw a surprise party for you.
And this is the most SURPRISE party i ever had.

24. Number 6 decide to dye her/his hair in another color. What do you say about that?
I'll tease her XD

25. Number 7 tells you he/she is going to go out for a while, and then later you hear about a shooting where he/she went.
I'll tried my best to contact her before i try to do anything.

26. Number 1, 3, 5 and 6 all tackle at you once. Is it possible?
Probably its on my birthday XD


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