Tuesday, September 1, 2009

1/9 - A day b4 the nightmare

Suddenly felt that i should type this passage in English.
No why, no reason, just a feeling.

Today rained for a full 8 hours, not really cat and dogs but little drips.
Its cool its quite and i like it much.
i though it was a good day for me, as a repayment for me due to the end of my holiday.

When the school session finally ends, its my job to fetch my little sis.
When i'm on the way to my sister's school, my luck ended up there.
My tires blown.

After all, its nth big.
I knew how to change it by myself.
Manage to get it done and make the car roll again in 20mins.

In the "Changing Process", a lot of pass-byers looked at me.
AND there is no1 stop by and offer me their help.
BTW, i can mange it just curios about that: ISN'T Malaysian is helpful?
(if it is, why the road is always get jammed?)

In the end, i concluded that no1 is willing to offer a help because of the following issue:
1 - I'm driving a MYVI (the result may varies IF i'm driving a car which is higher in value)
2 - I'm a boy ( NTH to complain about this ~ )
3 - I'm in student uniform ( Which means I will NOT repay an1 that offer me their help )

How about u?


NiCoLe_CoLe said...
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NiCoLe_CoLe said...

Jun Jun...u're pity !
Did u dirty ur school uniform...??
Well...Next time I'll call u if I need to change my tires....
Thanks for wrote that in english again~
That's very kind of u ~

MindTeaser said...

i won stop also gua...
i duno wat i can do also